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Term Insurance

Our term life insurance product provides low-cost coverage for a defined period.

Who Should Consider Term Life Insurance?

Persons seeking coverage for a limited period (young adults, young couples or young families). Persons wishing to meet their need for insurance despite budget constraints. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses (to obtain coverage in case of the loss of a key employee).

Features and Advantages

Your sum insured and your premiums are guaranteed for the term of your insurance. Your premiums are determined on the basis of the chosen sum insured, the general condition of your health and your lifestyle.

Several options are available:

Renewable & Convertible term coverage for 10, 20 or 100 years. Now also available for 35 or 40 years. Choose any number of years between 10 & 30, for e.g. 17 years or 26 years to match your need.

Insurance is renewable when you can renew it at maturity, upon payment of a higher premium, without having to submit medical justification or other evidence of insurability.

Insurance is convertible when you can convert it into permanent insurance without having to submit evidence of insurability.